Consolidating worksheets into one on

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Consolidating worksheets into one on

# Here is one that creates a Complex Formula and executes it Function XLFormula1 # End Function #--------------------------------------------------- # # How do I set up a Pivot Table in Excel?

Special Cells($xl Cell Type Last Cell) $row = $last $range = $ws. Application object $xl = New-Object -comobject Excel. Range("B2") # Sorts on Column B and leaves Header alone $a = $r.sort($r2, $xl Ascending) # two-column sort [void]$ws1. Application # make Excel visible $xl.visible = $true $xl. $xl Open XMLWorkbook = 51 $xl Automatic=-4105 $xl Bottom = -4107 $xl Center = -4108 $xl Context = -5002 $xl Continuous=1 $xl Diagonal Down=5 $xl Diagonal Up=6 $xl Edge Bottom=9 $xl Edge Left=7 $xl Edge Right=10 $xl Edge Top=8 $xl Inside Horizontal=12 $xl Inside Vertical=11 $xl None=-4142 $xl Thin=2 $xl = new-object -com excel.application $xl.visible=$true $wb = $"d:\book1.xls") $ws = $wb.worksheets | where $selection = $ws.range("A1: D1") $ $selection. Special Cells($xl Cell Type Last Cell) $lastrow = $last $ws. # get-excelrange.ps1 # opens an existing workbook in Excel 2007, using Power Shell # and turns a range bold # Thomas Lee - [email protected] # Create base object $xl = new-object -comobject Excel. $xl = new-object -comobject excel.application # ________________________________________________________________________ #How do I make Excel visible? Visible = $true # ________________________________________________________________________ # # How do I add a workbook? Open("C:\Scripts\powershell\test.xls") # ________________________________________________________________________ # # #How do I add a worksheet to an existing workbook?

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Height # resize This sets the height of your chart to Rows 5 - 19 $Cht Ob. Width # resize This sets the width to Columns D - J # ________________________________________________________________________ # # How do I sort a column in an Excel Worksheet?

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